The Architect

Howard Street Huntington Road
4 Bedroom Houses
3 Bedroom Houses
Vacation House
Homer Street

Weymouth MRI

Weston Hotel
335 East 27

Development Concepts
Jeddah C C

GR house

PR house

FR house

SR house

Newton Houses are four prototype suburban designs with typical program requirements such as family rooms and children's rooms that are adjacent to master bedrooms.

The Gamble Roof House organizes all rooms on two levels around a sky lit central hall and has echoes of Georgian Italianate Architecture.

The Pitched Roof House relates a living-dining room and a kitchen-family room onto a common terrace and has echoes of Colonial Architecture.

The Flat Roof House has a two story living-dining room as the central focus of the house and has a minimalist character.

The Shed Roof House has separate living and dining rooms that open onto a courtyard terrace and has a dramatic modern character.