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The Architect

Howard Street Huntington Road
4 Bedroom Houses 
3 Bedroom Houses
Homer Street
Vacation House

Weymouth MRI

Weston Hotel
335 East 27

Development Concepts
Jeddah C C

The 335 east 27th street apartment building was designed for a New York City sponsored competition for the development of a building with mini apartments of 250 to 350 square feet.  The site is a corner of a block with a public housing tower at its center. The program stipulated a zoning override for unit size but required all other zoning, handicapped and building codes would apply.

The design maximizes the number of units on the upper floors and provides social space and tenant amenities on the lower floors to compensate for the small unit size. The second floor has a large roof terrace and the first floor provides a lobby, a common room, and convenience retail. The basement level has storage rooms for each apartment and a meeting room and an exercise facility opening onto a  courtyard.