The Architect

Howard Street Huntington Road
4 Bedroom Houses
3 Bedroom Houses
Vacation House
Homer Street

Weymouth MRI

Weston Hotel
335 East 27

Development Concepts
Jeddah C C

H house

J house

Z house

L house

The four houses are prototype suburban designs with programs focused on adult living with bedrooms located as suites for guests or grown children.

House L is composed of two adjacent masses; one with a guest suite above a two car garage and the other with the living-dining-kitchen areas and a master bedroom suite.

House Z has three mass; a one story garage, kitchen and entrance, a high cieling living-dining room, and a three story tower with the master bedroom suite on the first floor, guest rooms on the second and and office-library and terrace on the third.

House J made up of three masses, a one story gagage, a high cieling living-dining-kitehen mass and a two story mass with a master bedroom suite on the first floor and a guest suite on the second.

House H has a central element with the entrance and a high cieling living room with a mass containing the guest suite and the master bedroom suite on one side and one containing the dining room, kitchen and garage on the othe side.